Q. Can anyone attend Pole Away?

A. YES! Workshops/intensives are customised and personalised for the individual. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, classes are tailored for your needs. Group classes are run based on a curriculum, but Cece will always be able to help meet individual needs in the group class environment. 

Q. Where is Pole Away?

A. Pole Away is located in Hikuai on the stunning Coromandel Peninsula. The studio is located on a farm in a Helicopter Hangar with views of the ranges. You may see a few cows roaming around the hangar too!

Q. Is there accommodation?

A. Yes! Cece runs an Air BnB from her home in Tairua, 10 minutes from the studio. The semi-self-contained studio is private with 2 bedrooms with capacity to sleep up to 6. Rates are very reasonable. Clients are under no obligation to stay. Email Poleawaywithcece@outlook.com for rates and availability. 

Q. If I stay at Cece's Air BnB can I bring my partner/friend who is not poling?

A. Yes, of course. Rates for extra people are $30/person above the daily rate for for 2 people. 

Q. Can I purchase any of the apparel featured on the Pole Away website in person?

A. Yes, you are more than welcome.

Q. What do I wear?

A. For beginners, shorts and singlets are suitable. Heels are optional. 

Q. Any tips for staying on the pole?

A. Do not moisturise the same day as pole dancing. Skin on poles is far more effective than any fabric, fabric on the pole is slippery and can be dangerous.